An Online Pagan Resource

Welcome to the fourth incarnation of WhiteWicca, which has been on the web since 2002. In that time, we’ve collected an amazing amount of information and this is where it’s stored. Enjoy looking around the site and feel free to use any information here for your own personal use, But please, if you’re going to use/copy/paste it anywhere else, credit WhiteWicca and link back to us.

We used to have forums for discussions and questions but with the coming GDPR legislation we have unfortunately had to close our forums. If, at some time in the future things change we hope to be able to open them up again.

Previous fora have yielded information on moon phases, companion planting, safe sls-free personal hygiene product recipes and a host of other useful stuff. I hope, longer term, to be able to bring the archived fora from previous sites over to this new site, so that all the useful information may be searched and used. Meanwhile, enjoy the pages we’re adding regularly and watch this space for announcements.