A Horse Meditation If You Are Weary

This is a wonderful exercise if you have been in situations where you feel weary and worn down by life. It doesn’t take long and can be done regularly. If you don’t resonate with horses, you can adapt the meditation to something that feels more appropriate for you.

How To Do The Horse Meditation

Visualize yourself as an old horse, care-worn and harnessed up to a heavy cart.

Now you have to visualise loosing the cart and slowly break out of the harnesses.

Travel back through your horse life and as you come to each experience that ties you down and harnesses you to things, break out of them.

Work backwards, until you are a young colt or filly and then visualize running free through green pastures and galloping with the wind in your mane.

Connect with the earth and spirit of a young vigorous horse and hold that feeling as you return from your meditation.