A March Purification Meditation

March begins the season of regeneration. Winter has provided the purification by clearing away any “foliage” that is no longer viable.

What remains creates the fuel that nourishes the earth’s revitalization. The heavens, the Earth, and all of her inhabitants are creations of the same divine energy. Virgo’s Full Moon embodies our oneness with the cycles of the universe.

Sit under the Full Moon, preferably outside if weather permits. Focus on the pure lunar energy. Take a deep breath in, inviting the energy into your body. Visualize this energy purifying you with each breath.

As you exhale, feel this energy release from your body and go into the Earth. Now feel the gentle heartbeat of the planet.

Visualize her energy reaching up to you. Take in a deep breath, inviting the Earth’s energy into your body. Feel the nourishing warmth as her energy fills you. As you exhale, visualize your energy flowing back to the Earth.

Repeat this process of purification and nourishment as needed. Thank the universe for revitalizing your connection with heaven and Earth.