Attuning to Crystals

Attuning to Crystals on WhiteWicca


A commonly asked question seems to be what does attuning to a crystal actually mean?

When one attunes to a crystal you are actually forming a beautiful relationship with it by accessing its energies by connecting with or even merging with the crystal.

This can be achieved in a number of ways some are simpler than others, whilst others are rather more elaborate.

Attuning to crystals opens the mind and helps us listen to what the crystal conveys through pictures, sounds or feelings. They reflect light back into the dark and help us to understand ourselves, resolve our issues. During healing the crystals become crystalline light forms, emitting subtle energies that balance our subtle bodies.

For those that are open and do not have many blockages can experience altered states of consciousness and vision of the past and or future. Crystals help those who are being healed to tap into their own inner source of power and spirituality, enabling positive changes to occur within their bodies and their lives. True healing occurs when one accepts full responsibility for him/herself and in doing this they claim the power to heal.

How to Attune To A Crystal or Stone

The only thing I can share is my own methodology. Taking the crystal in ones left hand grasp it tightly. If you allow your mind to become quiet and expectation to fade you will become aware of a tiny pulse or vibration in your palm. Wait till you are sure its not your heart beat “ I say that as it’s a common excuse skeptics give me – I find it quaint :-). You will soon become aware of the particular vibration of the crystal you are holding.

Draw this vibration into your chest cavity or heart chakra , wait till you feel your left arm tingling with that vibration. Then slowly begin pushing that vibration through your body and outwards. Allow it to flow freely soon you will become aware that it’s coming out of you not from the stone. In this manner you have mimicked the exact vibration of the crystal you are holding. With luck people are saying okay so that was easy, why are we doing this again?

Attuning to a crystal or stone is firstly one of the most potent forms of cleansing and grounding of which I am aware. At this moment you are vibrating at the same frequency as a sacred piece of earth. What more beautiful union with host could we ask for? Beyond that it is also the first step in partnership with a crystal. When we make a new acquaintance we customarily shake hands as a sign of good will and friendship, a very basic energy exchange. This is a handshake between you and your new energetic partner.

Now to find that elusive complementary vibration I was speaking of earlier simply pass energy back through your left arm to the palm the crystal resides in. If you are more comfortable projecting through your right hand take the crystal in both hands. Again tune into the crystal’s energy then slowly raise your energy, or lower it. Feel and patiently wait for the crystal to follow you. As when people harmonize when singing so one can find vibration that work together between body and stone.

It is when the 2 vibrations are working in harmony that I can really begin to work with the crystal. Quartz has a memory like an elephant. Once I have attuned to a crystal it seems to remember and I’m left with a “tool” and a friend I can rely on.

Other Techniques

One way of attuning with crystals is simply by holding the crystal and feeling its energies in your hands.

You can attune with a crystal simply by looking at it and visually connect to its energies.

We can tune into the crystals energies by wearing the crystal over a period of time.

Some meditation techniques can also be used to attune to a crystal and accessing its energies from the inside.

Technique I: Attuning with a Crystal by Looking at It

Place the crystal in front of you and sit in a comfortable position.

Gently look at the crystal and observe its beauty.

As you look at the crystal call the energy toward you, and with intent, connect to the energies of the crystal.

After a few moments gently close your eyes and maintain your connection to the crystal through your third eye.

Feel the energies of the crystal flow within your body and begin to understand more about the crystal and yourself.

Continue to allow the energies to flow until you want to break the connection with the crystal.

When you want to break the connection simply open your eyes and break the connection with your mind.

This method of attuning is a lot of fun. I always enjoy connecting with crystals in this way. With this method you don’t have to touch the crystal, this has certain advantages when buying from a store or when working with a new crystal. In this way there are less chances of cross contamination of energies.

Technique II: Attuning by Holding the Crystal in your Hands

We can connect with a crystal by holding it in our hands and allowing the energies to flow directly from our hands through our bodies. Simply place the crystal in your hand and close your eyes. Call the energy up from the crystal into your body with your intent and allow it to permeate your being. Once you have connected to the crystal, enjoy its energies and appreciate how it affects you. When you are ready break the connection with your mind and put the crystal down.

This is a much more direct method of attuning to a crystal. There are benefits of this more direct method of attuning. However, there is the possibility of cross contamination of energies with this method. It is always wise to tune into crystals in this way, only when they have been cleansed before.

Technique III: Attuning to a Crystal by Wearing it

Wearing crystals is a real pleasure. I think this is one of the best ways to truly connect with a crystal. We can wear a crystal for long periods of time. Whilst we are wearing the crystal we can monitor how we are affected throughout each day. When we are wearing a crystal we are automatically connected to its energy. We can disconnect from its energy by taking the crystal off and breaking the connection with our minds. When assessing the energies of a crystal by wearing it we should be more thorough. It would be wise to assess how the crystal affected us when we were wearing it and how we felt after we tool it off. If we want to be even more thorough then we could repeat the process one more time, with the same piece.

It is important to note that after a period of time we will begin to harmonize with the crystal that we are wearing. This method of attuning is perhaps the most thorough so far. However, attuning in this manner takes time !