Charging & Programming Crystals

Charging & Programming Crystals on WhiteWicca

Charging Crystals

A lot of the cleansing techniques mentioned above will not only cleanse the crystal but charge it as well. This all depends on method used for cleansing the crystals and because of this, it isn’t always the case and the crystal may appear to be under energised or even at times lifeless. This can be remedied in several ways and can charge, amplify or restore the crystal to its former glory.


One method of charging crystals is the intent method this is good for crystals that cant be charged in the sun. By using this method there are certain attunements that facilitate this and other energy work and crystal work processes. You can also use the intention method to personalise a crystal for yourself or others, which, will call in harmonious energies and turn off inharmonious ones. In most crystals, if you have a piece of the same stone that is fully energised you can place an under charged stone of the same type, next to or on the fully energised crystal and ask or intend that the weaker of the two crystals match the stronger stones energy levels and be restored to its full level of potential.

The sun and moon will happily raise the energy levels as well as other spiritual intervention such as rain and wind will also raise the vibration and restore wholeness to your crystals energy.

Programming Crystals

Crystals have the ability to be programmed to hold a specific message, or work for a specific purpose, broadcast an affirmation or emotion, enhance protective filters, communication, meditation and healing work and more than an infinite number of other purposes. Though before computers came into the world this processes was known as “enchanting.”

I strongly recommend a single terminated quartz crystal to help facilitate your connection and awareness of you higher self and carry it around with you in your pocket as often as you can.

If you do not have a crystal that you are in need of for a particular purpose you can substitute a quartz crystal and ask or intend that it be charged to act as the needed stone, be sure to clear the crystal when you are done using it as a substitute.

Quartz crystals are often used for programming though just about any stone can be used, it is best that you keep the programs in harmony with the natural energies and purpose of the crystal. Singly terminated quartz crystals are most often used though round crystals and stones are also very good.

An important thing to note when programming a crystal by intention is that you are very clear and focused on what it is you intend.

A good thing to do is to write down your proposed program first and before you program a stone or other object to promote a particular emotion think it through carefully. Another important rule if you like to note about programming crystals is similar to the Wiccan rede “an it harm none do as ye will” in that you should only program a crystal to do good and in accordance with your soul purpose. You cannot and should not use these techniques to try to manipulate others.


Clarify your intention:

Hold the crystal in the hand that you write with or in both hands larger stones can simply be touched rather than held.

Then focus your intention on the stone, and clearly state in your mind or out loud what it is you are programming the crystal for.

Visualisation always helps so the next step is to visualise the desired result as clearly as you can if appropriate.

To program a stone to broadcast, an intention, prayer, desire or affirmation or healing energy you just intend that it do so. You will probably find that it’s most effective to hold the crystal in your non dominant hand to receive and your dominant hand to program or to amplify sending of healing energy.

Some crystals already have a firmly set memory and purpose, these are not appropriate to use for your own programs, you should have an intuitive sense whether or not a crystal is suitable to program and for what purpose you intend before you do so.