Healing Pets with Crystals

Healing pets with crystals on WhiteWicca

There are some very simple crystal healing techniques that can be used to help your pet or animal friend to be more comfortable during times of stress or illness. Healing animals requires a very strong and centered mind, simply because an animal’s mind is not like a human’s.

Humans relate to pain; animals react to pain.

Any fear you carry inside you can also be sensed by an animal and amplified by the crystals. It is important to be balanced, centered, grounded, and have good intentions before you attempt these crystal healing techniques. As I mentioned before, crystals tend to amplify the effects, and you will need to be cautious until you determine how your pet will react.

When you work on your pet, know when enough is enough. Watch for telltale signs: tail swishing, foot stamping, ears back, teeth-baring, hair-raising, attempts to flee, and other warning signals. Be prepared to slow down or to stop the healing altogether. Crystal healing can sometimes be too fast for the animal to integrate, or be too intense and may cause pain and other discomfort.

As crystal energy promotes rapid healing, easing off may help alleviate the stress caused by a healing crisis. When the healing is good, the animal will show signs of comfort and affection, such as eye-lids drooping, teeth gnashing, drooling, general softening of muscle tissues, and sighing.

The following are some suggestions for using crystals for healing pets and animals. It is not intended that this information replace the advice of a professionally qualified veterinary. As always, seek the best available competent medical advice for your pet or animal.

Crystal Healing Techniques for Pets and Animals

Place amethyst, rose quartz, or other crystals underneath your animal’s bed or pillow for up to two weeks. Be cautious of sharp edges and position the stones to be comfortable and safe for your pet. If the crystal energy is too intense, your pet will be agitated and may not want to rest in their bed. If your pet likes the crystals, you will see an improvement in their health within a few days.

Hold the crystal in your hand, and starting a few inches away from the affected part or injured area, rotate the crystal clockwise. Take your time, go slow, breath gently and evenly. Animals express their emotions with movement, so watch if your pet wants more or tries to move away.

Get a small pouch that can attach to a collar and place up to three crystals inside. If you put too many crystals in, your pet may feel disoriented. Be careful that the pouch does not interfere with movement or cause it to be caught on anything.

Warm up crystals in the sun before your healing session. The sun gives masculine, active yang energy to the crystals. Apply the warm crystals to injured areas.

If you are using an ice bag to reduce swellings, try a few tumbled smoky quartz with the ice to help unblock over-active or inflamed areas.

Add a rose quartz or amethyst to your animal’s water bowl or bucket. The crystal will leave its energy signature in the water and, when ingested, the energy will go where it is most needed.