Using Crystals in the Garden

Healing plants with crystals on WhiteWicca

To help an ailing plant, place crystals (clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine, sodalite, or other gemstones) in a circle around the plant. To give the roots and the rest of the plant a helping hand, stick part of the crystal into the soil about 2 inches away from the main stalk. If there is a specific tree limb or branch that needs more healing, wrap the crystal directly to the branch with soft copper wire. Leave the crystals in place until health is restored, maybe two weeks or longer depending on the condition.

Use broken pieces of quartz crystal and dark stones such as Onyx or obsidian underneath tomato plants. The quartz energy is very grounding for the plants, and the darker crystals keep garden pests away.

Place crystals inside potted plants sticking them into the soil or place in glass water containers with bamboo sprouts or tulips for a pretty display. Remember when digging up the soil to watch for broken crystal pieces.

Enhance your special flowering plants, such as Orchids and make them more attractive by placing gem-quality crystals into their containers. For complimentary aesthetics, glue the crystal onto a long bamboo stick to raise the crystal up to a viewing height near the flower.