Bruises Remedy

You will need:

Essential oil of Geranium
Ice pack

Bruises are caused by the capillaries in your skin being damaged and leaking blood into your skin after a bump.

As soon as possible after the bump, apply an ice pack to the area; the ice pack with reduce the amount of bleeding and so help reduce the amount of bruising you experience.

A simple ice pack can be made and kept in your freezer just in case – all you need is a polystyrene cup filled with water and frozen. Peel back to top part of the cup to expose the ice and this can be applied to your bruise without freezing your fingers. If you don’t have an ice pack, running the bump under cold water will help.

Soak some gauze or lint in cold water and apply 2 or 3 drops of Geranium oil to the dressing depending on the size of the bruise. Apply the dressing to the bruised area and keep there for at least 2 hours.