Sore Throat Herbal Remedy

You will need:

Sage leaves

This sore throat herbal remedy works a treat. Make a tea with sage (not the supermarket one, but the whole leaf one), wild thyme, or thyme, and licorice/liquorice (this is the woody herb, not the sweet.

You can add honey or honey and lemon for extra taste.

Sip the tea or use it as a gargle (the latter is good if you don’t like the taste)! You need the licorice for soothing. I have a little tea pot with built in strainer. You just add the herbs to the strainer, add boiling water, and brew for 10 minutes. Great!

Dispose of these herbs outside later, as they really smell nasty if left in the bin or teapot.

This useful remedy was shared by Harmonia.