All About The Moon

Below are many different pieces of information on the Moon. From the phases of the strange “white orb” and what spells
best suit each phase, to the worship that began thousands of years ago across the world!

Moon Facts:


The moon measures 3476 km/2160 miles across.
Craters on the moon measure up to 240 km/150 miles across.
It also is 356,398 km or 221,466 miles (minimum) away from Earth.

Why: A “sun-conjunction” creates a crescent moon or full moon.

History and Worship:

Many studies of old religions have discovered the same, blatant admiration of the moon in many cultures, from the Romans to the Polynesians. It must have been a universal quest to discover why the moon was there, who put it there and what part it was to play in everyoneís lives.

Moon worship has been found mentioned in some of the earliest records from Babylon, Egypt and India. It has been found that some moon rituals have stayed with mankind for a very long time! Various African tribes still leave food out for the moon, in hopes of pleasing it! The phase of the moon was very important for different rituals. Among the Baganda in Africa itís a ritual for a mother to bathe her baby in the very first stages of the waxing moon!

The Greeks placed high priority on the moonís worship. They worshiped Artemis at the waxing moon, Selene at the full and Hecate at the waning. Rome swallowed Artemis and created Diana – virtually the exact same Goddess except for one main fact – the Romans used her for the moon in general. Isis was a worshiping phase in Italy and the “Good Mother” had followers all over the place. People evolved – so did religions! Virgin Mary (who was also seen as a lady of the moon) became the new Diana.

Because of her immortal way of life (always living and then being reborn to live again) the moon was seen as a deity in many different cultures. She could bring gentle rain, floods, tidesÖ all of these things had a major affect over life then. The moon has always evoked memories, secrets and magic into the hearts of worshipers and admirers.

Moon Phases:

The phases of the Moon are extremely important to all magical work. You have three basic phases: New – Half – Full – Half – New. Then you have the other phases added in which makes it: new – waxing crescent – half moon – waxing gibbous – full moon – waning gibbous – half moon – waning crescent – new. You guessed it! Waxing means growing and waning means shrinking or getting smaller.

A few pantheons have Gods or Goddesses that correspond to each phase of the moon but most just have one or two. As I said before the phases of the moon are very important to all magical work. By understanding the symbolism of each phase you can add power to your spells or meditations. Like most things the moon has a very clear cycle that can aid you with timing your work, be it magical or normal!

New Moon:

Symbolism and Ideas:
The new Moon shows us death and life. Itís the Moon being reborn into another phase and is often a wonderful time to end or begin any spells. It embodies perfect balance in the area of growth. Between having grown and getting ready to grow. It’s not a bad time to initiate into Wicca or a Pagan belief system too! Hecate is a prominent Greek Goddess of the Moon. She usually comes out for visits on the mortal plane on the night when an “Ebony Moon” (New Moon) shines!

The time of the New Moon is excellent for any spells trying to contact those who have passed away, spells which have to do with breaking a habit or getting rid of unwanted qualities or in general things to do with death, rebirth or loosing unwanted qualities.

Seeds of plants that grow and flower above the ground should be sown around this time. Itís a good time for cereals to be sown too (e.g. Barley) and for the following things to be planted: Asparagus, Broccoli, Sprouts, Cabbage, Melons, Cauliflower, Celery, Cress, Horse-radish, Leeks, Peas, Peppers, Parsley, Spinach, Squash and Tomatoes. Also feedings and cultivating are rather good at this time.

Waxing Moon:

Symbolism and Ideas:
The Waxing phases are in general very close to each other in terms of symbolism. However there are a few differences. The Waxing Moon embodies the Maiden stage of life. In all her innocence there she is – growing! The Half Moon and Waxing Gibbous are not very different from each other. The Half Moon is your simple growing sort of thing with reasonably strong ties to reaching your goals and the Waxing Gibbous is all about almost being there! Almost being complete!

The Crescent Moon is a wonderful time for starting to shift into full gear of a project and rather powerful for endowing any spells with growing ability. E.g. if your trying to help your herbs grow – try now! It’s also a good ‘un for encouraging life to begin or improve. It’s a good time for any spells that could make your life more fulfilled. If you’re looking for your love, now is a good time to make you “complete” per se.

It’s a favorable time for planting any leafy crops or annual plants/flowers. In general it’s also another good phase of the moon for cereal crops. See the Gardening area of the New Moon for more information as to what to plant.

Full Moon:

Symbolism and Ideas:
Ah, the most infamous of them all! It’s a wonderful time for anything to be really honest. A Full moon is a kind of power that can be harnessed for practically anything. This part of the Moon embodies the “mother” stage so it signifies the middle part of life. At this time – right dead in the middle of the cycle – it is a wonderful time to go really hard into that spell, project or thing to get it down and through the Waning stretch.

It is a good time to invoke moon deities (see the list below). I suggest if you are going to invoke it’s best to know as much on that deity as possible! Most spells are perfect for this time of the moon as the full moon is in a very powerful stage. If, however, your spell has matching symbolism with another phase that other phase is definitely going to be more effective.

The full moon is a good time for planting any watery or fleshy plants like cucumbers. It’s a wonderful time for harvesting leaves, stems or seeds for drying. Pick your herbs on a dry day, tie them with a piece of string then hang them upside down until they’re ready for use.

Waning Moon:

Symbolism and Ideas:
The Waning Moon is all about rebirth! that means passing on must be in there somewhere. It’s all about the Crone and how she has acquired knowledge over her time on the earthly plain and how she is growing closer and closer to her ultimate goal – rebirth into a new life and new way of living.

If you want to do a spell to have something revealed to you or to gain knowledge now is a good time. It’s also a wonderful time for slowing down the pace of things in your spell so you’re ready for stopping at the New Moon. Waning times are also very good for banishing things and clearing out those “negative vibes”.

Itís an excellent time for garden maintenance! Weeding, cultivation and getting rid of those nasty garden pests! It’s a nice to time to dry herbs too.

Eight Lords and Ladies of the Moon:

Name Race Moon Phase Gender
Hecate Greek Waning/New
Selene Greek Full moon Female
Artemis Greek Waxing/full Female
Diana Roman Full moon Female
Kuu Finnish Full moon Female
Mani Norse Full moon Male
Bumba African Full moon Male
Ceridwen Welsh Waxing moon Female

This page was compiled and written by Zavcol, April 2005