Find Your Totem

How to do the spell to find your totem animal

What you need:

Green candle

How to:

After casting a circle at night, put a charged candle of the colour green in front of you in the circle.


“Earth, air, fire, water, and spirit,
I call forth to find my totem of the animal world.
Through the senses and dream world,
make it apparent my spirit totem.
May the Goddess and God look down upon this
Circle cast at night, and smile graciously upon it.”

Light the candle, meditate on what your totem is like, but do NOT think of the type of animal you want for your totem during your meditation, for it would be vain to do so (it’s a blessing to have one at all).

After you meditate, simply snuff the candle out and release the circle.

If your totem does not come to you through dream, meditate on the matter some more.