Attract The Right Person

How to Attract The Right Person

What you need:

A map either of your local area or a world map.
A pure white candle.
6 roses.
A vase.

How to:

Take the map and scatter the 5 roses across the map and say:-

“Near or far,
Over land and sea,
a Lover true I call to me.”

Light the pure white candle and taking the sixth rose, pluck from it in turn five petals and burn each in the candle flame and say as you burn each one:-

“Burn a pathway to my door,
five rose petals now are four.
Four to three in candle fire,
bringing closer my desire.
From three to two I burn the rose,
love no hesitation shows.
From two to one till there is none,
the spell is done.
Come lover, come.”

Place the map and the roses, the candle and the vase with the single rose from which you burned the petals, in a safe place near an un-curtained window until the candle has burned down.

Then put all the roses in the vase in your bedroom and when they die repeat the spell if necessary.