Banish A Bad Habit

A good way to get rid of bad habits is using apple magic!

Here’s how:

Take an apple, cut it in half using a horizontal cut, not vertical. If it’s a penta apple (when the core has five points, like a pentagram) it’s favourable, but it shouldn’t matter much.

This spell is best done on a waning moon.

I recommend you cast a circle somewhere with earth you can dig that won’t be disturbed afterwards. As well as your usual ritual stuff, bring a spade and a red string, and maybe something tiny (of size, not importance) to sacrifice.

On your way out bring or pick up a stone (smaller than your fist, but not a pebble), to use as a “tomb stone” (something that will keep the spell in place).

You could begin the ritual with a meditation over your bad habit and that you want to get rid of it.

Carve the symbol of whatever you’d like to get rid of, on the cut (pulp) sides of the apple. If you wish, pop a small sacrifice, like a coin, a tiny crystal, a lock of hair, etc. into the core of the apple and then put the two cut sides back together. Tie the two halves of the apple together with a piece of red string, bury it and speak three times:

Hear my words
you rest in Earth
Earth you’ll be
and I’ll be free

As you speak, visualize the apple rot and decompose, turning to dirt, earth, and visualize the bad habit doing the same inside of you, imploding and disappearing, being washed out with the lymphatic system.

If you brought wine or water into your circle, pour a little on the dug ground. Add a pinch of each of your elemental representatives (salt, earth, water, incense, ember, oil, etc.) to the dug soil. Whatever you feel good about, as long as you get the intention of the ritual. You might as well ask the deities and/or elements to watch and help with your problem.

With a firm hand put the tombstone in place over the burried apple.

Walk to the place one day, or as often as you feel appropriate, every waning moon and meditate over the rotting apple and your disappearing habit. Don’t forget the visualization. Do this until the habit is gone!

If you don’t have the opportunity to get out to the place, I’m positive that the meditation works quite as well at home.

This spell was written by Stjarnljus and kindly shared with us.