A Spell To Dispel Negativity

This spell, if properly applied, will dispel negativity, break curses, and add protection – and so is essential for sensitive Witches.

What you need:

A green candle.
Some real or fake ivy.
A green fruit such as pear or apple.
A knife.
A bell.

How to:

Cut the fruit in four pieces.
Arrange the ivy.
Place the slices of fruit in the four directions.
Light the flame.
Face north and chant:
”By the powers of the northern light,
I break any negativity in my life. “

Ring the bell, and allow it to resonate.
Face south and say:

”By the powers of the southern side, strong I am.
Let my powers rise. “

Face east, saying:

”By the powers of the eastern Sun,
I face my fears and watch them run. “

Face west and say:

”By the powers of the western night,
I break any curse. It takes flight.”

Snuff out the fire, take a breath, and eat the fruit.