Toilet Spell

Toilet Spell – or How to Banish Procrastination

What you need:

A toilet/bathroom
Toilet paper
A biro

How to:

Go to the toilet and lock the door. Light a few candles if you can. Cast a little circle; some how a big, grand circle casting doesn’t quite seem right when you’re in the loo!

Write down exactly what the problem is on the bit of toilet paper. (you will need to use biro as nothing else works on toilet paper), then concentrate on sending all the unhelpful/negative feelings about what you want to banish into the square of paper, untill you feel like it can hold no more.

Then rip up the toilet paper three times and throw it into the toilet. Flush it away and imagine the problem leaving you. If you like you can say a little verse as you rip up the paper:

I banish and I flush away,
That which I don’t need today,
To the sewer is your place,
Let inspiration take your place!

When the toilet has stopped flushing, close your circle and go and do exactly what you were having problems with.

This spell was written by Aradia and published in our old forum. Aradia uses it to “stop procratinating and do some work” when she’s dithering or lacking concentration, but I can think of loads of uses for this quick and effective spell!