Bring A New Love Into Your Life

This spell is best done when the moon is waxing (growing from new to full) or ideally at full moon.

How To Bring A New Love Into Your Life

What you need:

A carnelian (or other crystal, see table of intent).

Two red candles.


Essential oil of Rose (or other oil, see table of intent).


Pen and paper.

Red cotton or thread.

How to:

Start by preparing yourself; have a nice bath if you’ve been stuck in work all day, it will relax you and the act of preparing yourself helps to build up to the magic.

This is a spell where you can cast a magic circle and call the quarters if it’s appropriate for you.

Light the altar candles and incense.

Take some time in quiet meditation and centre yourself.

Write down the qualities you are seeking in your ideal partner; things like patience, kindness, etc, but don’t make your shopping list too limiting – if you specify someone who is 6’ 2” tall, the man (or woman) of your dreams might just go sailing right by because they were only 6’ 1” tall, so be sensible. Very important – make a duplicate of the list, you will need it later.

Then say:

“Let the love that I am seeking come into my life.

Let this man/woman be (now say what you have on your shopping list, i.e. kind, witty, or whatever you are looking for) and let them come to me in love and light.

Let this man/woman be with me of their free choice and harming none other and may we celebrate our love equally and in purity.”

Visualise your objective (though they may be faceless, this is very important) and when you have this image firmly fixed light the red ritual candles.

Visualise a white light within yourself at your solar plexus area and let this grow in strength and intensity. When you feel that this is as intense as you can manage, move the light/energy up through your body and into your right arm, down through your hand and into the carnelian (or other crystal). Fill the carnelian with your intent and energy to find new love and when this is done, wrap the crystal inside the paper that you have written your list on, then bind it up tightly with the red thread.

Then extinguish the red ritual candles and afterwards the altar candles.

Do the same magic on the two following days, ideally at the same time, only keeping the carnelian wrapped up inside the list and using your duplicate so you can remember the exact detail of what you are asking for.

Keep the crystal wrapped in your list with you and when this magic is fulfilled bury the crystal in good clean earth or water – it has done its work.