Candle Healing Spell For Colds or Flu

How to do a Candle Healing Spell For Colds or Flu

What you need:

1 blue candle.
1/2 oz. Powdered ginger.
5 drops eucalyptus oil.

How to:

Run a hot bath, and add the ginger and the eucalyptus oil.

Light the blue candle and turn out the lights.

Enter the bathtub, and soak in the bath water.

Feel the waters cleansing you of the toxins in your body, and say:-

“Isis, Goddess who heals all,
release this ____ (cold, flu, etc.) from me,
make me well again.”

Chant this as you feel the toxins leaving your body.

When you feel slightly shaky (this may happen), drain the tub and visualize the toxins washing down the drain.

Rinse your body and your tub with cool water, visualizing all of the toxins leaving your body, and your body becoming free of what you were sick with.

Bring the candle to your room, keeping the candle burning for a few more minutes as you visualize yourself waking up feeling much better. Go to bed.