Easing Grief And Sadness

How To Ease Grief And Sadness

What you need:

Any memorabilia which tends to powerfully evoke the sadness: letters, pictures, gifts, etc.
An object which reminds you of some upcoming event which is likely to bring you pleasure (it can be a holiday month in the future, for example), blankets or pillows.

How to:

Sit while holding the memorabilia, and allow the feelings to come freely. Say aloud why you are sad. It’s okay to cry, yell, or pound. Find a key phrase that expresses your grief and say it out loud, over and over.

Now visualize yourself being held closely in the Mother Goddess, who rocks and comforts you. Swathe yourself in the blankets and pillows, and rock gently back and forth as you feel Her warm embrace. After awhile, look at the memorabilia again, and recall that in the circle, all time is now.

What you once had, you always have in your heart, as long as you don’t shut it out. What you were given was real, and helped mold your life, and can never be taken away as long as you remember and cherish it. Remember the good times, and when you are ready, thank the Lady that you had them.

Bring out the object that reminds you of the coming event: a visit to a favorite friend or relative, a special holiday, or a conference that should be exciting.

Remind yourself that life goes on, that there is still much to look forward to; this is only a tiny sample of the good times ahead for you. Ask the Lady to heal your pain.

Open the circle, and go visit a friend.