Growing Love Spell

This doesn’t affect anyone’s free will, so it’s safe to use… many people LOOK for love spells…….this one is gentle and will do some good.

How To Do The Growing Love Spell

What you need:

Plant seeds. (obtain seeds or purchase seedlings for any plant you wish to grow)

A small flowerpot.

Some potting soil.

How to:

Plant the seeds, or seedlings, and bless them. Imagine that as they grow, so will the love in your life. Visualize yourself giving and receiving love.

Nurture the plants by ensuring they have enough water and sunlight, and look upon them each day as a symbol of increasing love in your life. Use words such as this for your visualization:

”Great spirit,
Bless these gentle plants.
Allow them to grow in love.
And as they do, let my loving nature increase.
Help my relationships to grow and flourish,
Seed to flower,
Minute to hour –
Bring love into my life.