Healing Spell

How to do the Healing Spell

What you need:

Pen and Paper.

Write or type the following:

“Flesh of flesh,
Bone of bone,
Blood of blood,
As the rivers rise above the damns to flood,
They bring forth the water of life,
To bring healing and cleanse away pain and strife.

As you read, this spell activates,
To bring you healing and make pain vacate.
With harm to none,
And healing to one,
My will be done.
So mote it be! “

When you have finished writing or typing this out, infuse the words of the spell with healing energy for the person you are doing it for, so that when they read it, it’s healing energy will activate for them. You can send this in an e-mail, card or letter, or just hand it to the person you want to heal.