How To Find The House You Want

How To Find The House You Want

What you need:

Green candle
Gold candle
Incense of cinnamon & patchouli
Advertisements of apartments or homes that you desire

How to:

Best Time: Waxing Moon or Full Moon, to draw energy/desired object to you.

Place the advertisements on your altar.
Place a green and gold candle with the ads.
Green is appropriate for prosperity, money and luck.
Gold or brown is appropriate for the earth element, which associates with home.

Open your circle with your usual blessing invocation.
Light the candles and incense made of cinnamon and patchouli.

Say the following three times while the candles and incense burn:

”Element of Fire, The light that you give,
Illuminate for me, The place where I’ll live.
Find for me the best place to nest,
To make our home a place to rest.
Bless my purchase, Fire Goddess I plead,
As I will, so mote it be.”

Let the candles burn out.
When you look at places you want to live look for the brightest one! Follow your instincts on financing, and take time when you’re looking to feel the vibration of the house. The right one will call to you.