How to do the Moon Water Ritual

What you need:

A glass, glass bowl or glass jar
Clean water
Rose oil
Lavender oil
A quartz crystal, and/or Moonstone
Spray bottle

How to:

Fill a glass, bowl or jar with clean water. Place either a quartz crystal, moonstone, or both in the water. Add three drops each of rose and lavender oil, and set the water outside overnight in a place where the light of the waxing Moon can shine upon it.

Say this blessing upon the water:

bless this water,
clean and pure.
May it bring peace,
and simple joy,
to my home. “

On the following morning, pour the water into a spray bottle or covered jar, allowing the stones to remain in the water if possible. Use the elixir to mist each room of your home, and visualize peace and harmony. You can add the rest of the water mixture to your bath water, or use it to anoint objects.