Winter Cleansing Spell

During the winter, negative energies can accumulate in our homes. Protect your home with this spell.

How to the Winter Cleansing Spell

What you need:

Ritual fire
Nine whole cloves
One black candle
Two or three small mirrors

How to:

At night build a fire, and onto the flames scatter nine whole cloves.
As the fire burns say:

“Spirits dance,
spirits mingle.
Bad spirits depart,
good spirits linger.”

Using your ritual fire, light a black candle. Place this candle in front of a window, and surround it with two or three small mirrors, placed facing the window. Now say:

“Into the blackness,
into the night.
Bad spirits take flight.”

Visualize the candle’s flame being reflected by the mirrors through the window, taking with it any negativity. Let it drift peacefully into the night.

Repeat this spell on Mondays or Tuesdays if needed.