Isis Healing Ritual

How to do the Isis Healing Ritual

Color of the day: Gold

Incense of the day: Sage

The Egyptian goddess Isis can be called upon in the early spring to enhance your physical and emotional well–being.

What you need:

White fabric to cover your altar.

A vase of white tulips.

A white candle.


One white feather.

Some gardenia incense.

How to:

Cover your altar with white fabric. Decorate it with a vase of white tulips, a white candle, and one white feather, and burn some gardenia incense.

Here and there, sprinkle small decorative silver stars. Light the candle. Using the feather, fan the incense about you.

Now speak these words:

“Isis, Great Mother,
hear my words of power.
Let the season of light bring me wellness and protection.”

End the ritual by brushing your body lightly from head to toe with the feather. If you have a specific problem, mention it as you say your words of power.

Written by: James Kambos via Llewellyn spell A Day.