To Find Something You've Lost – (1)

This spell has worked for several people I know.

How To Find Something You’ve Lost – (1)

What you need:

Find a piece of amber on either a silver chain or a piece of cotton.

How to:

Go to the last place you saw the item you’ve lost and turning in a clockwise circle chant something meaningful to your item (e.g. for a lost purse, a little rhyme about money waiting to go in it might work). You have to make this up yourself.

Hold the amber very still and when you have completed a whole circle it may swing to one direction, that should give you a clue to where your lost item will be.

If you don’t find it there, do the same again at the place the amber indicated.

The spell may be stronger if you cast a circle first although it isn’t essential.

The harder you concentrate the quicker it works!