To Find Something You've Lost – (2)

This spell is generally meant to find a physical object…….but I suppose it could be modified to find other things one has lost…… peace, tranquility, your temper or good judgment, etc.

How To Find Something You’ve Lost – (2)

How to:

Cast the circle, perform whatever blessing ritual you usually perform to begin. Ask the Goddess for her wisdom and power……you may want to invoke a specific Goddess you feel a connection with.

Once you’ve raised power, recite the following incantation three times.

“Keeper of what disappears, hear me now, open your ears. Find for me what I now seek, by Moon, Sun, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Sea.

The spell is cast between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time and space. Keeper of what disappears, let what I seek come to this place.”

Thank the spirits you’ve invoked and requested assistance from, and close your circle in whatever way you usually do.

This spell should either produce the desired object out in plain sight, or give you the inspiration you need to figure out where the object is. I haven’t used it myself but a friend swears by it for finding lost library books and other things that get swallowed by the house elves.