Attract Money To Pay The Bills That Are Worrying You

How to Attract Money To Pay The Bills That Are Worrying You.

This spell is NOT a substitute for effort and work, but if you really have tried hard and it hasn’t worked, then this should help. All magic must be supported with application in the material world.

What you need:

1 green candle.
Patchouli oil.
Cedar shavings.
3 whole nutmeg.
2 cinnamon sticks.
Cauldron or fireproof dish.
2 Of Each: Quarters, Dimes, Nickels & Pennies.
Paper and green pencil or marker.

How to:

Rub the candle with the oil, empower it with your energy and light it.

Draw your need on the paper. (Draw an unpaid bill that’s worrying you, or groceries you cannot afford.) Always draw with power and visualize your need.

Charge each ingredient then place it on the paper while visualizing.

Then pick up the paper and scoop the ingredients into your cauldron or fireproof dish, light the paper in the candle flame and place it in the cauldron to burn while chanting and visualizing your need being fulfilled.

Bury the contents of the cauldron but retrieve the money (hopefully it didn’t burn) and wash it off and put it straight in your purse to keep.

Re-light the candle every night for 13 minutes while visualizing until the candle is gone.

So mote it be.