Prosperity Spell

How To Do The Prosperity Spell

What you need:

A good sized seashell, or a small ceramic plate, unglazed if possible.

A piece of lime, part peel and part fruit.

One teaspoon of cinnamon.

One teaspoon of nutmeg.

A brand new shiny penny, or the equivalent in other currencies.

A piece of paper.

A green pen, or pencil, or crayon, that writes in bright vivid green.

Two small green candles.

How to:

Turn the seashell or plate so that it faces upward on your altar. It should be in the centre of the altar, between your symbols for water and earth. Take your paper and draw three currency signs on it (£ or $ or whatever currency you use), write your name and the specific sort of prosperity you’re seeking. This can be a new job, the amount of money needed for a specific bill or other purpose, or something else that will create prosperity for you. Your purpose should NOT be to harm someone else, but to bring good fortune to yourself.

Perform your usual blessing ritual, calling the spirits to you to bless your spell, light your blessing candles and also light two small green candles that have been dressed with cinnamon and nutmeg oil (make your own if you can’t get essential oils easily). Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg on your seashell/plate, and then fold your paper so it fits into your seashell. Use the penny to weight your paper so your wish doesn’t move.

When you’ve raised positive energy and can feel the spirits at your altar, recite the following incantation three times:

“Trickle smoke and lime green glance,
Sprinkle stroke and fairy dance,
Sea wave sunbeam ray of gold,
Bewitch me silver, green – raspit old,
Send to me by the Powers that be,
All that my pocket and purse can hold.

Next, add the lime to the seashell, squeezing some of the juice onto the paper. Sprinkle the whole thing with more cinnamon and nutmeg. Complete the rest of your worship ritual, letting the green candles burn until they’re gone. Leave your seashell wish offering at your altar until the next day, and then bury it outside in a place that has meaning to you. As the offering decomposes back into the earth, prosperity will be called to you.

Remember to thank the spirits for attending your ritual, and thank them for their wisdom and guidance in assisting you. You may not see immediate results, but most people that have used that spell have been happy with the results over time. Also remember that a prosperity spell is not a substitute for hard work and action on your part. Your intent, combined with your request, and the benevolent blessing of the spirits, will do the trick.