To Bring Needed Financial Resources Into Your Life

This spell is best done when the moon is waxing (growing from new to full) or ideally at full moon, preferably on a Wednesday.

How To Bring Needed Financial Resources Into Your Life

What you need:

One green candle. (not less than three hours burning time and not one that will last forever!)

Essential oil of nutmeg (or other oil, see table of intent).

Crystal: bloodstone (or other crystal, see table of intent).


A (white-handled) knife or something sharp to etch into the candle.

How to:

Start by preparing yourself; have a nice bath if you’ve been stuck in work all day, it will relax you and the act of preparing yourself helps to build up to the magic.

This is a spell where you can cast a magic circle and call the quarters if it’s appropriate for you. Light the altar candles (if you are using them) and incense.

Take some time in quiet meditation and centre yourself.

Focus on the efforts you have made to bring money/income to yourself and then concentrate on your need* visualise yourself with enough to be comfortable and when you have this firmly fixed in your mind take hold of the green candle and the bloodstone.

Carve your name into the green candle (still unlit!) and beside it etch prosperity (or whatever word best describes your need).

Visualise a white light within yourself at your solar plexus area and let this grow in strength and intensity. When you feel that this is as intense as you can manage, move the light/energy up through your body and into your right arm, down through your hand and into the crystal. Fill the candle with your intent and energy to have an income/funds and when this is done, light the candle.

For candle spells remember that the flame must be allowed to continue to burn until it goes out on its own. You can sprinkle your oils or herbs on the top of them and they are safer. Keep them safe in glass jars and on heat-resistant bases, ideally set them into a bowl of sand. Remember not to leave a burning candle near curtains or near flammable items or fabrics. Remember that the glass jars get hot, so handle with care and as the candle reaches the bottom of the jar.

When leaving home, place the candle in the bath, just in case. If for some reason it gets knocked over, its much less likely to catch on fire.

  • This spell is NOT a substitute for effort and work, but if you really have tried hard and it hasn’t worked, then this should help. All magic must be supported with application in the material world.

For positive spells, once the candle is out, use the crystal as a talisman. Carry it with you or put it somewhere that its presence will have an affect. For banishing spells, very carefully remove all remnants, of the candle, especially the stone, without touching it. Wrap the remnants in white paper and bury it outside, preferably some distance away.