Simple Crystal Healing Spell

How to do a Simple Crystal Healing Spell

What you need:

2 light blue candles.
1 white candle.
Allspice & rosemary (equal parts each) or a healing type incense.
Photo or paper with name of recipient.
A small quartz crystal.

How to:

Place the candles on your altar in a semi-circle with the white candle between the two blue ones. Place your incense burner above the white candle. Place the person’s name in the centre of the layout, with the quartz crystal on top.

Light the incense, and then the candles. Centre yourself and inhale the incense as you think of all ill health dispelling from the person and instead being replaced by healing energy, much as the air is filled with the smoke of the incense.

Gather your healing energy and when you feel ready, release the energy, directing it through the crystal and to the recipient whose name or photo is beneath it.

Give the recipient the crystal to carry as a charm for continued good health.