Morning Devotion to Goddess

I call upon Goddess of the Universe
Hear me as I say this verse.

With this flame I have lit
I ask you to hear my words and wit.
I ask for positive peace this morn.
To fill my heart as if re-born.

Goddess bless me with clear sight
To see good in all, clear and bright.
Goddess please aid me with enlightened thought.
For memory and intelligence can’t be bought.

Help me stay grounded and on task
Keep me centered, this I ask.
For on this Day let me send out
Positive energy, healing love all about.

I honor Goddess and the law of three
I ask Your protection for mine and me.
This I pledge to harm none it shall be
As I will, so mote it be!

As I put this candle out
This will begin without a doubt.
Praise be to Goddess, Blessed Be,
Magick Abounds. So Mote It Be!