Self-Confidence Spell

How to do A Self-Confidence Spell

What you need:

Four objects connected with your skills or successes.
Red cloths for wall hangings and the altar.
Brass candlesticks with red candles.
A large golden sun symbol, if you can make or find one.
Red clothing for yourself

How to:

After the circle is cast, the Quarters called and Deities invoked, pick up the first of your success objects and face the East. Display it to the Guardians of that Quarter, and explain what it is and how it represents a success in your life.

Say aloud:-

“I am Confident!”

Visualize the energy before you, and inhale deeply, saying in a strong voice:-

“I have the power of Air!”

Repeat the process in the South (Fire), the West (water), and the North (earth).

Then stand in the center of the circle, surrounded by your power objects, and meditate on all that you have achieved in your life:- the obstacles you have overcome, and the goals you have attained. If you wish, play stirring music while you do this.

Then lift your arms and say in a mighty voice:-

“I am Spirit!”

Wear something red on yourself for the next six days.