Work Opportunity Spell

Do you want advancement in your current career? Or are you seeking a whole new career?
This New Moon can be the beginning of the physical manifestation of your answer to these questions.
Therefore, you need to take care now. Keep in mind that the universe may show you it has other plans for you.

How To Do The Work Opportunity Spell

Color of the day: Yellow

Incense of the day: Pine

What you need:

Pen and paper
A gold candle

How to:

Plot out the steps that you will need to take to get from point A (where you are now) to Point B (your desired end goal). Be realistic and specific in what you ask for. Light a gold candle, and place a tiger’s-eye in front of it. State these or similar words:

”Capricorn’s Moon,
Beginning and new,
Your wisdom guides me
in all that I do.”

Touch the thumbs and forefingers of both hands together to form a triangle. Center the triangle over the tiger’s-eye. Visualize yourself completing the steps necessary to reach your goal.
Project your intent into the tiger’s-eye. Extinguish the candle. Carry the tiger’s-eye until your goal is achieved or you have an answer.

Holiday lore: The lunar new year traditionally celebrates the planet’s renewed fertility. In China, during the fifteen-day waxing Moon, celebrants eat food, sing and dance, and promote happiness, health, fertility, and fortune for the year. In the spirit of setting things straight, all debts should be paid off now, and houses cleaned and draped with red flowers, banners, and decorations; red is considered lucky and dispels demons. Celebrants also avoid using swearwords during this season, lest they bring ill fortune to themselves, and parents warn children against blurting out such inauspicious words as “death” or “disaster,” or anything of similar sentiment.