Decrees of Witchcraft

1) Never experiment or practice with magical applications, symbols, or systems that you do not FULLY understand. If you do not know the full gambit of what you are doing, Do Not Do It. Retribution and causalities can be far reaching and abound in more ways than you can imagine.

2) Do not link money with your magic. It will effect the outcome and the caster. Reimbursement for supplies, time, and effort is acceptable but, never demanded.

3) Never use your skills and abilities to impress or fascinate someone. The God and Goddess do not need another arrogant buffoon. You will fail miserably.

4) Do not scare or threaten others with magical intimidations or the like. We are Witches, not thugs. Remember the Law of Three.

5) Know that thoughts are things, and that which you create may and probably will manifest in this reality.

6) Never lie to yourself or others. This is the epitome of deceit. This becomes a circle of self-destruction.

7) All things that are “bad” in your life are most often the result of low self-esteem or negative self-think, not bad luck.

8) The power of a Witch grows in direct relation to his or her wisdom and capability.

9) Nothing can harm you or control you unless you allow it to and believe that it does.

10) Never use your abilities to harm another. However, you may defend yourself, and the ones you love, the best way you see fit.

11) Always do the best that you can do. No one is perfect but, we try to constantly improve ourselves and to evolve. Have faith. The God and Goddess will take care of you in the best possible manner.

12) As long as you adhere to what you believe in, do not worry about the ridicules of others. Ridicules are the result of fear, low self-esteem and self-doubt. Do not waste your time on such nonsense.

13) Regard property of another better than you would have them regard your own. Be respectful.

14) Do nothing that would endanger the Craft or someone of the Craft.

15) Do not do something that will bring about conflict with the law of the land. Do mind your beliefs, the beliefs and laws of your Coven, and the beliefs and laws of your Clan – above all others.

16) Witches may teach to others outside of the Craft if: the environment is safe to all, the teacher is knowledgeable and responsible, the student is willing and sincere, the information is already available to the general public-no secrets, and the information Harms None.

17) Perform all magic within the circle. This is especially true for beginners. Only those of great experience and ability may work outside of the circle.

18) Do Nothing to bring Shame to yourself, your coven, and your clan. We, as Witches, have a responsibility that others only speak about but never fully practice. Each of us is a direct representative of our religion and the Craft, as a whole.

19) Always be proud of who and what you are. Know that you are among the elite and of something far greater than most will ever know. Be proud, be compassionate, and be kind, for you can afford to be.

20) Never shed blood in circle . The God and Goddess do not want us to waste their creations and their children in such a manner. All things are of the God and Goddess. Respect theirs and ours. Killing is for defense and survival – only.

21) Always remember that the God and Goddess are with us. They will provide and protect us. We are never alone. As such, be mindful and remember.

22) Always keep the laws, the Rede, and the rules of the coven and clan. They are written for a purpose and not to fill space on the paper. Keep the laws and they will keep you.

23) Always follow your beliefs diligently, for they are who you are, and they define you for all to see.

24) Do not cast spells while sick, ill, or under the influence of drugs or heavy medication. The results can and probably will be extremely baneful. Always be in complete control of yourself.

25) Do not let anyone tell you that what you believe in, the Craft, is wrong, evil, or bad. This is a trick to persuade you to be a puppet of another.

26) Always keep an open mind to the ways and beliefs of others. We are all here to learn and grow together. Keep yourself and your beliefs but, learn from and about others. The higher mind is a diversified mind.

27) Do not mock the way of others. For they may know something you may not -and you might not realize it …yet.

This page was kindly contributed by Jadzia.