Consecration Rite

This ritual can be used to consecrate a witch tool, charge a crystal and empower the items you want to use. It will form a link between you and the item you are consecrating, purify it and fill it with your intent and empowerment.

How To Do The Consecration Rite

You will need the following:

Bowl or glass of water (spring is better than tap water)
New white candle and holder
Salt (sea salt ideally)
Matches or lighter
Find a quiet room and time when you won’t be disturbed – switch off electrical equipment and unplug your phone.

If you have an altar set it out, but if not a coffee table with a clean white cloth over it will do. Place your candle, bowl of water and incense in the centre.

Light the candle and incense and place your item to be consecrated next to them. This is the time to cast a circle if this is appropriate for you, call the quarters and invoke the Goddess and God.

Clear your mind, centre yourself and spend a few minutes visualising what you plan to use the item for, what you hope it will do for you and what you would like to achieve with it.

When you are ready, take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it slowly into the water and visualise the water being filled with pure white light – you are purifying the water.

Sprinkle the salt and water mixture onto your item – you can, if you want to, say something like “I purify and consecrate this item with the Elements of Water and Earth”.

Then pass your item through the incense smoke – again, you can say something like “I purify and consecrate this item with the Element of Air”.

Next, pass your item through the candle flame saying “I purify and consecrate this item with the Element of Fire” – Do this quickly ~ especially if it is an item that could melt or is even slightly flammable, and make sure that you don’t end up with burned fingers!

Last, visualise your item being filled with white, silver and gold light and say “I purify and consecrate this item with the power of the element of Spirit.”

You are now ready to charge your item to achieve your purpose. Hold the item in your right hand while visualising a shaft of white light flowing from above you into your solar plexus (just below the breast bone) and filling you with energy. Transfer the energy down your arm into your item while visualising the item fulfilling its purpose. Your item is now charged.

If you have called the quarters, thank them and say farewell, thank and say farewell to the Goddess and God and open the circle.

To make sure that you are fully grounded, it’s always a great idea to wiggle you toes – it works every time!

If the item is a ritual tool, it can help to wrap it in a piece of silk – this will help to keep out negative energies and keep your charge in. If the item, perhaps a crystal, is to bring something to you, then keep it close to you. Remember also that if the item you have consecrated is metal, that salt can corrode, so don’t leave it in a wet salty heap or it could get spoiled.

Blessed Be.