Natural remedies on WhiteWicca

Welcome to the Remedies section! Here are a number of herbal, crystal and aromatherapy
remedies that everybody can easily use at home for some of the more common ailments
that we’re all afflicted with from time to time. The remedies here have been collected from contributors to the forum and from recipes that we have used. If you have a remedy that you feel would help others, please share it with us by either posting it in the forum (coming soon) and we will add it to this section.

Warning: Before you embark on any of these remedies, please remember that herbs, essential oils and even crystals can be toxic and have medical side-effects. If you are unfamiliar with, or are uncertain of, any of the ingredients we recommend that you seek the advice of a professional. If you chose to use any of the remedies on this site, please do not exceed the stated amounts or dosages. We cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for the contents of this site, or your use of the information. Please go and see your doctor if you are unwell – these remedies are not meant as a substitute for trained, professional medical diagnosis and treatment.