Bedtime Protection Spell

May the Elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air
Keep me Safe while im unaware
May the Lord’s and Lady’s Graceful Eyes
Keep Me safe where I lie
My Mother Earth watch me neigh
and create a shield round with Ivy’s Vine
Faries come to my side
Sing Me now a lulaby
Oh Great Spirits of the Land
give me now your Psychic hand
Keep me safe in my dreams
keep me safe from the Unseen
As for thoses born of Wings
Dragons, Griffons, Birds on High
Keep me Safe in thy mind
Keep me Safe While you Fly
Thoses who now Roam the Land
Gnomes, Unicorns, Beasts, and Man
May they keep me safe now
While all Negitive energys Flee
And it harm None Mote It Be!

Written by Orin.