Yellow Candle Protection Spell

How to do a Yellow Candle Protection Spell

What you need:

A single yellow candle (large if you can find one – preferably unscented beeswax).
Matches to light the candle.

How to:

Begin by standing up with the candle placed on the ground in front of you.
Remove your shoes to accentuate the connection to the earth.
Relax your entire body and feel the energies flow up from the ground,
visualizing a warm yellow light flowing up your body.

With your eyes slightly closed and the mouth relaxed allow the subtle force of energy to raise your arms. Visualize the floating waves of yellow energy coaxing your arms up to the point where your palms are facing each other with roughly two inches between them.

Gently rotate your hands without touching until you feel the build up of a ‘ball’ between them.

Whilst maintaining the ball, sit down before the candle.

Wait a moment, let the energy cultivate itself.

Now move your hands (visualized as glowing a bright yellow) towards your body,
letting the energy flow into you core two inches below the navel.

As the energy flows in, visualize the protective energy of the sun covering you and shielding you from all darkness.

Think of hope, and as you do so let the energy flow up to the solar plexus, then down again with every alternate breath – making a cycle.

Now – slowly – open your eyes widely and allow the palms of your hands to touch.
Visualize your self ‘borrowing and storing’ the protective energy you have raised.

Now light the candle. Let the light become the sun’s power before you.

Open your energized hands and place them around the candle flame and let them warm.

choose an appropriate name for your sun god.
Many choose Apollo or Ra – powerful masculine protectors.

And say:

“As I place my hands about
I protect the precious light,
So to does …… (Ra, etc)
God of the Sun,
I feel your warm protection about me soft and bright.”

As the candle’s light burns, feel the light inside of you glow too – sense the connection maintained by the infinite. Sit in this state for up to twenty minutes (or however long it takes) until you are completely relaxed and comfortable – covered in the Sun God’s light. When you gain the sensation that you are protected from within, extinguish the candle and place it on a sunny window ledge.