Charging A Stone For Protection

How to Charge A Stone For Protection

What you need:

Plenty of salt.

A small stone of Saturn correspondence to carry with you as a charm of protection:-
black tourmaline, apache tears, or snowflake obsidian;
or find any dark colored stone in the earth that feels solid, stable, and strong to you.

How to:

Charge the stone.

Find a quiet outdoor place and sprinkle a circle of salt on the ground, large enough for you to sit inside, and hold your chosen stone.

Close your eyes; ground and center, drawing Earth energy within you.

Visualize rings of energy swirling around the Saturn stone you hold, building and increasing to surround and emanate from you. Within the rings you are strong, solid, secure, and shielded from harm.

In the future, whenever you feel the need for extra protection, hold your stone to assist you.