Protection Box

How to do a Protection Box Spell

What you need:

A box with a lid.
black paint and brush.
secondary color for runes.
a picture of the person you wish to protect.
appropriate herbs.
oils and/or stones.
Salt water.
Mirrors for sides, top and bottom of box (optional but added negativity repellent).
black cord, string or twine (optional).

How to:

Make sure the person in the picture is smiling or looking positive. If you’re not careful, and put in a picture of the person looking droopy or sad, then you risk their being protected but always feeling depressed or down. You want them protected and happy about it!

The chants listed are just suggestions. Use whatever you feel best suits your intentions and situation.

Create your circle.

Call the Goddess and God and any other deities of choice.

Paint the entire box black while chanting:
“With this paint, I create a shield of protection for (Name).
This shield will banish all negativity, harm and evil from his/her life.”

While the paint is drying, cleanse, bless and charge your herbs.

When the paint is dry, add the mirrors to the box.

Then with your secondary colour, paint a rune of protection on the inside bottom and around the sides of the box and on the bottom of the lid, chanting:
“Protective Rune of (name), I charge you
Create a protective shield around (Name)”

Place all ingredients in the box. Chant appropriate words according to your ingredients such as:-

“By the power of Earth, Air, Fire and Water,
I hereby charge these herbs, oils and stones
with the protection of (name).
May the keep her/him safe from all harm.
As I will, so mote it be!”

Add the picture to the box and close the lid, saying:
“For as long as this picture stays in this protective box,
so will (name) be protected and safe.”


Wrap the string around your box three times, using three knots to secure it. This also offers the added protection of no accidental openings of the box if it should fall.
“By the power of three times three
The spell is cast so mote it be”

Thank the deities and open the circle.

Put the box somewhere safe where it won’t get disturbed, or thrown out. Once you’ve closed it, don’t open it or you’ll break the charm you placed on it.