Runic Protection Spell

How To Do The Runic Protection Spell

Color of the day: Black

Incense of the day: Sage

What you need:

A pin to carve.

A purple candle and candleholder.

Matches to light the candle.

Basil oil.

How to:

After an argument or some other negative experience that leaves you feeling engulfed by negative vibes and vulnerable to harm, use a pin to carve the runic symbol of eolh (z) on a purple candle.

This rune represents the antlers of the elk or the splayed fingers of the warding- off hand, and so it confers a good dose of protection. Dress the candle with basil oil, and place it in a secure holder. Light the candle, and sit near the light for a few minutes or for as long as you feel the need to. If you like, close your eyes in the silence of the light, and meditate for a short time by clearing your mind of everything. If any stray thoughts come to mind, observe them and let them pass on their way. Visualize yourself being insulated from all baneful or harmful energies. Know that there is no need to worry.

This runic symbol is very potent for defending against all baneful thought-forms and any evil forces both visible and invisible.

Written by: S. Y. Zenith