Attract New Friends

How to Attract New Friends

What you need:

Nothing at all!

How to:

This spell will help you to meet new friends.

To draw new friends into your life repeat these words while the moon is waxing as many times as you can while remaining focused:-

“Like pebbles on a beach,
new friends I will reach.
Like soft grains of sand,
between sea and land.
New friends come to me,
like waves on the sea.
Endlessly driven,
ceaselessly given.
Companions I need,
so I’m planting the seed.
As the moon shines above,
friendship is love.
I give as I take,
so new friends I make.
Endlessly driven,
ceaselessly given.
Like waves on the sea,
new friends come to me.”

If you can, say these words on a beach or near a source of water, but the bath will do just fine.