Moving On Spell

How Do The Moving On Spell

This spell is for when we have outgrown long-standing relationships with certain people and wish to move on without hurting the other persons’ feelings. This prevents guilt-trips, emotional blackmail, and other manipulations.

To start, carve the person’s name on a candle with a pin and imbue it with positive thoughts. Anoint the candle with patchouli oil before putting it in a holder.

Trace a pentagram with salt on the altar. Place the candleholder in the middle of the salt pentagram.

Visualize the person shifting his or her focus to a joyful new interest, thus relinquishing reliance upon you.

Light the candle, and say:

Candle light,
by your might,
assist in my plight,
Free me from emotional fetter,
Past bonds now scatter,
Unchained, I am free forever.