A Memory Ritual

A ritual to help someone with their memory
Could be altered to aid your own memory

If you are doing this ritual for someone else, you should cast a circle about the both of you and invite spirits of Akasha/Spirit as it is most closely associated with the mind.

Have him (or her, but we will use ‘him’ for quickness) sit cross-legged in the center of the circle. Make sure that your circle is big enough for you to move around him.

Have him close his eyes the whole time and think clearly about his desire to remember things better/ have a better memory. A big part of this is that you both have to believe it will work, so if he is skeptic he should try to set aside his disbelief.


“Spirits of wind, Spirits of Air. With his mind take much care. Help him remember what used to be, In his mind, help him see.”

Say this while Either burning and incence stick and circling the incence around his head, circling an athame around his head, or circling your index and middle finger extended around his head, visualizing your energies going out your fingers and into his head.


“Spirits of flame, spirits of fire, help him remember, fuel his desire”

Say this while circling a red candle (or white candle with red on it somewhere) around his head, circling a wand around his head, or do the thing with your fingers again.


“Spirits of water, spirits of rain, better memory help him to attain”

Say this while circling his head with a chalice or cup full of water, a blue candle, or do the finger thing again.


“Spirits of nature, spirits of Earth, With better memory, bring him mirth”

Say this while circling his head with a pentacle drawn or carved into metal or wood, or do the finger thing once again.


“Spirits of Akasha, Spirits of soul, Help him to achieve his goal.”

Say this while pointing your fingers at his third eye chakra (just a little above the nose and a little higher than the eyes and visualize your energies as well as all the energies around you (yours coming out through your first two fingers) heading into his third eye and filling his mind, making it glow.

You should do this spell during the Waxing moon sometime either during dusk, midnight, noon, or dawn (the in-between times when magick is at its strongest).